baby dining chair



  • Principles of mechanics, stability
  • 5 levels of angle adjustment
  • Separate double plate
  • Lifting height adjustable
  • Comfortable soft cover, easy to clean
  • No installation required/Easy to fold

Children dining chair is a safe and comfortable area for your baby.

Principles of mechanics, stability

Triangular force + four-point support, stable waiting to prevent rollover, with solid mechanical structure, full safety protection for babies.

Bold pipe rack for piano paint

30mm thick steel pipe, achieving safety protection. The surface is fully covered with piano paint, anti-fouling, not easy to rust, and durable.

Separate double plate

The double plate has a fun design, and the rear end of the meal is taken out of the upper layer, which is convenient and sanitary. Feel free to switch to the lower level and act as a small game table.

5 levels of angle adjustment

One-button control of 5-speed chair angle, flexible adjustment of 3-speed pedal. Flexibly change the baby’s sitting posture.

Lifting height adjustable

The dining chair can be adjusted vertically in multiple levels, sliding up and down in one go. Easily match different heights such as sofa, bedside, and dining table.

Comfortable soft cover, easy to clean

The seat cover made of high-quality PU leather is soft and comfortable, safe and tasteless. Waterproof and dirt-repellent, the baby’s food traces will be wiped away.

Five-point buckle design

The 5-point safety non-slip belt is comfortable and tight, and gently locks children.

35 cm widened seat

The child can sit comfortably until 3 years old. Through the widened seat design, cute fat babies can also enjoy comfort.

No installation required

Easy to use, just plug in the board and use。

Easy to fold

Easily fold into the suitcase, saving the trouble of opening and closing. Place it vertically on the wall without taking up space. Easy to operate.

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Many colors are available

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