Smart Electric Baby Crib



Are you looking for the best portable bassinet to keep your newborn baby safe and comfortable? No More Troubled Sleep For Parents. As parents, consistently poor sleep condition can put a strain on the strongest of parental partnerships and can lead to serious health issue.
If you have tried ordinary crib bedding sets, it is time to give a chance to our Smart Electric Baby Crib that has all the essential features that make it stand apart. This baby cradle is perfect to keep your baby companied and entertained.

This electric swing gives your little one a comfy and familiar spot to nap, at home or outdoor.
Equipped with 2 hanging stuffed toys, the nursery furniture sets allow your baby to practice touching and grabbing onto things. Besides, the electric baby swing features a breathable mesh walls that allows air circulating providing your little ones good sleep.
Best part of all, our travel bassinet features a 5-pointseat belt to protect babies from falling’s like holding it in mother’s arms, giving baby reliable protection. Watch your baby falling asleep with our baby bed set.

VARIOUS SPEED TYPES— our electronic baby crib has 5-level speeds that allow you to adjust the speed while making sure the baby is sleeping soundly.
DURABLE — With its widened and thickened aluminum alloy pipe frame, light and strong. The baby cradle bed lasts a long time, even for your second-born kids!
TIMER — Not being able to do your own things while watching over your toddler? Don’t worry, just set a timer on our electric swing and you’re good to go!
MUSIC SYSTEM WITH BLUETOOTH — Keep your babies distracted with our baby cradle’s music system. By this way, your baby is always
entertained and you can enjoy doing your own things!
SOFT CUSHION — The crib bedding
set ensures your baby a very comfortable bed to sleep in.
REMOTE CONTROL — Able to control the portable baby bassinet from a long distance. Ensuring the best convenience for the parents without having to walk all the way to the crib.
PORTABLE — The nursery set is extremely easy to carry and fold up to bring it out wherever you go! Picnic or to your in-laws houses. You name it!

Frame Material:Metal
Net Weight:17.6lbs / 8 kg
For Baby Age Between:up to 36 Months
Weight Capacity(Load):17lbs / 7.8 kg
Adjustable Height:3 levels
Swinging Speed:5 Different Speeds
Timer:3 Different Timers
Bed Material:Breathable Bed Net
Type Of Mat:Non-Slip Mat
Adjustable Height:3 levels
Grey/Khaki (Best Seller)/Green/Pink

Package includes:
1 x Multi-Functional Electronic Baby Crib
1 x Remote Control
1 x Carrying Bag
1 x Mosquito Net
1 x Manual Guide Book


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